Eight Reasons To Start Cycling

Cycling can have numerous positive effects on your health, it improves your physical look, helps you lose weight, the active riding of bicycle encourages your digestion, improves your sex life, prolongs life and makes you happier and more friendly.
Cycling rejuvenates
Based on scientific research from Stanford University, daily bike ride has an ability to rejuvenate you. Increased circulation during the ride, enables the bigger flow of oxygen to the surface of the skin. By that, it eliminates various toxins quicker, purifies your complexion and encourages production of collagen. But pay attention to bigger exposure to the sun, use sunscreen as a protection.

It improves your sleep

Early morning ride has an ability to wake you up but also helps you by the end of the day to fall asleep easier. 30- minutes bike ride, every day, will reduce your problems with insomnia for 50%. The key point is the exposure to the light, which synchronizes the biorhythm of the body.

Cycling improves your sex life
Physical activity develops your cardiovascular health which is a key thing for good libido. People who regularly ride a bike, have more sexual energy, while the women can postpone the menopause stage for two to five years. Also, men who ride a bike three hours a week, have 30% less risk of impotence.

It encourages healthy digestion
Adult people who ride bicycle spend ten times more oxygen; then they would by watching TV. If the body is well equipped with oxygen, it stimulates better digestion. Regular physical activity decreases the risk of constipation.
Cycling helps you lose weight
People who ride the everyday bike have a faster metabolism, so their body spends more calories even when they are relaxing. That effect is noticeable few hours after the ride and influences directly on fat deposits in the area around the stomach and the buttocks.

Decreases the stress

Every type of regular physical activity is the best ally to fight depression and stress.

Studies show 20-minute bike ride can reduce stress because it can block stress hormones, cortisol, and encourages the production of a hormone of happiness, endorphin. That’s why people become easily addicted to cycling.
It doesn’t take too much effort
Cycling isn’t only designed for fast and heavy rides; its benefits are even bigger if you are riding longer relations, but with the same pace. If you choose a proper bike that can be driven on every terrain, your ride becomes a pleasure; your muscles become stronger; you lose weight, and you don’t put too much effort on your joints like you do with other sports.

Cyclists live longer
Forget magical pills for immunity and supplements because cycling is your recipe for long life. Mild physical activity activates immune cells and prevents inflammations. People who ride a bike three hours a week spend twice a less time on sick leave, then people who don’t practice exercises. Also, they can prevent stressful auto accident treatments, buy avoid cars and choose a bike instead.

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